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Support What Matters

The goal is to get this book in the hands of people who may benefit from it. The following are ways you can help support this effort. Did you read the book and love it?  If you find value in breaking the stigma around mental health and connecting people with helpful resources for health and happiness - share it! If you believe in this important message like I do, know that sharing is caring.


Leave a Review

Reviews and ratings for the book on Amazon Barnes & NobleGood Reads, or wherever you find books is such a great help! More reviews = more people seeing the book when they search.

Get Social!

The best way to spread the word is by telling people in your circle of influence. Share information about the book on whatever platform you use, tell a friend or family member, or share about it at your next friendly happy hour.

Support Book Growth

Books don't sell themselves, and publishing a book is not a cheap endeavor. As an author, the goal with this book was not to get rich, but rather to enrich the lives of others. If you would like to donate to support the costs of publishing and future book promotion efforts, it is much appreciated. For every paperback book bought through Amazon, the author gets  $7.48 and at that rate it will take selling 667 books before getting to a break even on publishing costs.

Once at a break even point on the investment put in to publishing this book, the goal is to use support funds to buy books that can then be donated to local hospitals and mental health offices. Help support the growth of this book helping others by donating today.

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