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What's This Book About?

Main Areas of Focus

Personal Development | Relationships | Conflict Resolution | Authentic Living | Positive Thinking | Self-Care | Emotional Management | Growth Mindset | Toxic Relationships | Compassionate Communication | Community Building | Self-Improvement | Parenting | Mental Health Tips & Tools | Successful Choices

Grow Through What You Go Through, book cover with flower and hand in soil

Growth Tools Included in the Book

  • Rediscovering Your Passion  

  • Recipe For a Good Day  

  • Ways to Share and Build Community  

  • Tips to Heal Broken Communication Habits  

  • Mental Load Assessment  

  • Tips For Raising Future Adults 

  • Talking Through Discomfort 

  • Facing Vulnerability  

  • Working Through Life's Roadblocks and Detours  

  • Standing Up to the Bullies in Your Brain 

  • Technology Cost/Benefit Exercise 

  • Making a Plan to Create Healthy Boundaries  

  • Self-Care Solutions  

  • Keys to Success 


If you have come to a point of breakdown, a grey area, a loop in life, or simply a point where you feel you want something better for yourself—you are not alone. This is not the end of your story; it is just a chapter, a page, or a short sentence in it. You determine where your story leads. From breakdown to breakthrough, follow along Jill’s personal growth journey after hitting a rough patch with relationship conflicts and a mental health crisis that nearly broke her and her family. Take a walk with her as she shares experiences of losing herself in the often-overwhelming reality of juggling the roles of being a parent, wife, business owner, involved community member, and friend. She gets real about what was going on behind the scenes when those around her may have thought she had a perfect life. Jill gets vulnerable about her struggles and shares a first-hand story of how she managed her mental health diagnosis and survived a two-week stay in a mental health hospital.  


The helpful tips and tools shared in this book offer a great perspective on how you can grow through what you go through. In this book you’ll find lessons and exercises in positive thinking, compassionate communication, building community, prioritizing self-care, emotional management, breaking toxic habits, rediscovering your passion, showing empathy for others, parenting, and more. Jill takes you down the path of how she was able to move through the hardest year of her life to feel joy and see a bright future once again. No longer hiding behind a mask of perceived perfection, she dug deep to face the conflicts and chaos that were keeping her from living her best life and discovering true happiness and hopes to help you find the same. Jill offers a refreshingly bright perspective that will encourage you to see the opportunity amidst the obstacles you are facing. Be led on an inspirational journey to motivate yourself to discover what matters in your life and how to break down what is hurting you to move forward to find a path of personal growth and happiness. 

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